Consequences of plagiarism:

✔ The institution might expel you from your course.
✔ Your entire essay can get terminated.
✔ Your professional and academic reputation can get tarnished.
✔ You might have to face a legal battle.

Avoiding Plagiarism


If and when you do choose to lift lines which belong to someone else, you can protect yourself from consequences. Citations allow you to give credit to the person the lines belong to. By using citations, you show that you have not copied off of someone but have quoted them instead.


The easiest way to avoid trouble is to write from scratch. Come up with a fully customized paper and use checking software to be sure your work is safe.

Rewriting Services

If you do not have the time to properly put all the citations or come up with a unique paper, you can rely on services like Wise Owl Research. Professional rewriting services take your paper, rewrite it and ensure it is plagiarism free.


As a college student, you are expected to go through your study material and write lengthy papers. The pressure of your course should not keep you from enjoying college life. If you can write your papers before their deadlines, you can manage your time better. While trying to get your paper written hastily, you might think that lifting a few lines from various sources can reduce your effort. However, if you are copying someone else’s work you are guilty of plagiarising. You can get caught with any plagiarism checker.

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As you can see, it is simple. However, for the best and reliable result you have to be careful. There are tons of programs and online tools that can be used but keep in mind that many of them work differently and not all are good for you. To be confident in the truthfulness of the received result, you need to select the best plagiarism checker because only a professional and high-quality software can detect all similarities and give you a reasoned assessment.

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Advantages Of Plagiarism Checker By WiseOwl

Why choose us? Our service offers a professional online plagiarism checker with report that will provide you with a comprehensive report to make you confident in the 100% uniqueness of your paper. Our plagiarism checker for students guarantees the best check and here are the key advantages of using our tool that prove this:

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